Companion Bakeshop

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The next phase

So we have cleaned and prepped and now it is time to start the fun of rebuilding and revitalizing this old bakery. There still is a ridiculous amount of work to do. These photos show some of the progress in the front area:

Getting cleaner

Check out the paint, lights, and new counter (tops coming soon)

"You can even see that it smells better"

Jeremy has stepped on to the ladder and out of his comfort zone

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We have been working non-stop for the past few weeks and I’m happy to say that things are coming along. The funky odors are going away and it’s starting to look like a place that I could hangout at. We have been extremely fortunate to have an army of friends and family that are willing to sacrifice their free time and energy to help us out.

Uncie Ro not only makes great Pizza. He sure can fix a wall!.

This big old Baxter oven is another challenge lots of old grease to deal with. Can’t wait to fire her up!


Eric looks good even when he's cleaning grease.

The floor needs a good scrubbing…It’s starting to shine

Erin & Dad scrubbing away

More to come!

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New space. First days…

Yikes! Lot's of work to do...

This is our very first entry. Sort of a test… so we are in the midst of tearing apart, de-greasing, scrubbing, gutting, painting, scraping, and renovating our new (old) bakery. The new home to Companion Bakers will be the former Beckman’s/Brendan’s Bakery on the Westside of Santa Cruz. It has been quite the challenge, but I guess we’re ready for it. The idea of filling this space with toasty delicious brick oven bread keeps us inspired. Wish us luck!

A step in the right direction