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The oven comes alive

Well, it finally has happened. The oven was fired up today for the first time in our new space!  When these ovens are dis-assembled they cool down completely. Well, it takes a few days to get the oven back up to speed.  It burned for 6 hours and made it to 350 degrees. Tomorrow we will run it again and slowly in the next few days it will find a comfortable home somewhere around 200-250 degrees at ALL times. Then what we do is heat it up to about 500 or so to bake bread in.  Very cool oven, very efficient, clean and stylish…what more could we want?  Bread should be the answer running through your mind right now 🙂

First bake off will be either Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will get a chance to practice…lots to work with. Dome temperature, floor temperature and finding a good balance between the two.

Off to do some recipe organizing…trying to be all set to move into the new space well organized!  We will certainly post the first bake off!