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Weekly Loaf: Bread of the Dead


From the dark corners of the hearth, this haunted loaf made its presence known to one of our lonely, late-night bakers with a particularly eerie cackle. A Light and Fluffy loaf with a dark and tortured side, this sour dough has been enriched with cocoa and fiendishly peppered and spiced. A perfect pairing for a gourmet ghoul’s dinner.

Come to the downtown Santa Cruz Community Farmer’s Market today, or the Saturday and Sunday Farmer’s Markets, or stop into the shop and get yours before they vanish!

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Seasonal Special: Challah


A traditional, enriched loaf for your Shabbat dinner. This braided bread is generally consumed on the Sabbath and on Jewish Holidays. The bread is representative of the manna that was said to have fallen from Heaven when the Israelites were exiled from Egypt and wandered the desert for forty years.

We’ll be offering our Challah in the shop every Friday. Come in early to ensure that you’re prepared for Shabbat!

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Companion’s 3rd Annual Harvest Festival


This Sunday, we are putting on our Third Annual Harvest Festival! This year is full of exciting activities, covering every aspect of our favorite season.

Activities include a coffee cupping, apple pie and pumpkin pie baking contest, bread baking contest, a seasonal apple tasting, live music, and activities for the kids. We’ll also have special baked goodies in the shop.

We’re eager to see what you can bake!

Here’s the schedule and details for entering the contest:

9:30 am – Blue Bottle Coffee Cupping – Join us for a coffee cupping of three unique Single Origin Blue Bottle offerings. Anyone can join, coffee novice, or seasoned barista. This fully caffeinated event is lead by our Lead Barista, Michelle Arowe.

10:30 am – Pie Competition Judging – To join the pie baking contest, please bring in a homemade pumpkin pie, or apple pie and fill out the entry form in the store by 9:30 am on Sunday. The entry fee is $5, which will be used to help fund prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! Pie judging is done by a panel of local pie experts at 10:30 am, and it will be lead by our Pastry Team Leader, Heidi “Piedi” Hochstrasser.

11:30 am – Bread Competition Judging – To join the bread baking contest, please bring us a loaf of home-baked bread by 11 am. For this contest, we encourage organic bread made from scratch, but anything goes! The judging will be done by a blind taste panel , so please bring your loaf in a bag, or container to prevent anyone from recognizing your loaf during judging. The bread judging will be at 11:30 am, and the contest will be run by our own Head of Bread, Chris Hickok.

Stop by and celebrate the harvest with us!

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Know your Companion: Jeremy Lampel


This past Wednesday, we celebrated a very special birthday here at Companion Bakeshop: Jeremy Lampel, co-founder, owner, husband, father, and mandolin virtuoso . He celebrated by taking a relaxing camping trip with his family & friends at Costanoa.

Jeremy and his wife, Erin, created the current Companion Bakeshop as a family bakery, selling only the highest quality loaves & pastries to the community that they love. Today, the family is much larger, but the sentiment is still the same, and Jeremy still embodies the spirit of the company he helped create; he is a generous man, with sincere compassion for his community.

If you’ve met Jeremy, you probably know that he is an extremely talented Mandolin player who plays in a few Santa Cruz-based bands, including The Naked Bootleggers, The Down Beets and The Lampel Brothers, — a bluegrass quartet featuring Jeremy and his brother Jason on the Banjo. You may also have his CD in your music collection from his days playing in Strung Over.  Jeremy loves to stay in touch with the local music scene by teaching Mandolin, and hosting local bands at the bakery on weekends.  He takes his bluegrass obsession seriously!  If you haven’t heard him yet, you should seek out his next show!

As a career, Jeremy works for the WIC program as a Supervising Dietitian. WIC is a program that aims to  provide food, information on good nutrition, and health care referrals to to low-income women, or to low-income families with infants and children under five years old. In this program Jeremy combines his love for good, local food, with his love for people.

We decided to highlight some of Jeremy’s most impressive achievements & quirks from his first 39 years. There were plenty to choose from, but here is what  we were most impressed with:

Jeremy has been to 85 Grateful Dead shows. WOW!

He has 20 years of mandolin playing under his belt!

He has a degree in engineering that he doesn’t use.

He can eat at De La Hacienda every night of the week and be happy

He can get away with wearing board shorts UGG boots and a fluorescent shirts– daily.

He makes a mean cappuccino.

We asked Jeremy what he thinks his greatest achievement has been in his last 39 years and he answered that he is super excited and proud to be the father of little Annie Rye. We agree; she is pretty darn cute– cute enough to name a loaf of bread after!

Well, happy Birthday Jeremy, we hope you have the best year yet!

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Weekly Loaf: Semolina and Polenta Sourdough

This loaf is dense, rich, and flavorful! It’s made with a mixture of semolina flour, which is a light-in-texture, high-in-protein grain produced from durum wheat, and polenta, a non-gluten cornmeal which adds a dense, spongey texture. 

Come in to the shop, or stop by the market in Live Oak tomorrow and grab one before their gone!

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Weekly Loaf: Gorgonzapple



You don’t want to miss our special loaf this week! Made with 50% unbleached white, 30% whole wheat, and 20% Rye flour, this sourdough is infused with buttery, crumbly gorgonzola, and diced Mutsu apples, which add a juicy sweetness into the mix. It’s the perfect loaf for such an ideal Autumn Day.

These special loaves are only available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the shop and at the local Santa Cruz Farmer’s Markets. So, come to the Wednesday Downtown Market and ask for the Gorgonzapple before it’s gone!