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Catching Up with Companion


As the previous post suggested, Companion is a busy place lately. In fact, the past week was full of change and growth for us. Here are just a few of the highlights from the shop:

Late Night Jam Sessions
Erin and Allison worked hard to preserve the final drops of our California summer by canning the last of the raspberry jam. Order a toast plate and ask for a side of this sweet, yet tart delight, and you’ll feel like you’re back to those perfect summer days- even if just for the moment.


Cookie Test Lab
During another late night at the bakery, Jade and Erin racked their brains for recipes that capture the feeling of fall. After what must have been hours of grueling cookie sampling, the duo came up with two new miniature treats for our pastry case. The first of which is a “kid-friendly” peanut butter and jelly sandwich cookie, which is made with soft peanut butter wafers and our house-made raspberry jam.  Of course, they’re so good that your children will have to put up with you asking for “just a bite.” The second treat is sure to help you settle into the crisp days of Fall: a wonderfully moist ginger and molasses cookie that evokes all of the best parts of the transition to Autumn.20131011-092753.jpg
New Companion Pies at Pie Ranch
While the weather on the West Coast makes up its mind between summer and fall as it always does this time of year, we’re siding with the Fall season by offering our pumpkin pie, and apple pie at the Pie Ranch Roadside Barn.
Our pumpkin pies feature Red Kuri squash, and our apple pies feature Jona Prince variety apples, both of which were grown and harvested by Pie Ranch! We’re also offering savory tomato galettes, featuring Early Girl tomatoes from Pie Ranch. If you ask us, there’s no denying it’s Fall.
Pie Ranch is an amazing non-profit organization located on Highway One near Ano Nuevo State Park.  Companion Bakeshop and Pie Ranch are in our fifth season working together, and we love providing pastries, sourdough, of course “Pie Ranch” pies. Check them out here  and make a trip up the coast!
Bread, Pastry, and Coffee Workshops at Companion
The latest Sourdough Basics class this past Wednesday was a great success! Lead by our very own Head of Bread, Chris Hickok, this class provided each participant with a fundamental knowledge of bread making in the home, and everyone left with their own sourdough starter help them on their way!
If you didn’t know about our classes, please check out our many offerings here! Our Fall course schedule includes workshops on croissant and laminate dough, making great coffee at home, baking the perfect Autumn pie, creating breathtaking Holiday breads, and Holiday cookies, and we even have workshops for the little bakers in your life!

Companion Products Now in Pescadero!
The Companion pastries you love are now being served at the newly opened DownTown Local in Pescadero! If you’re from just up North, or you find yourself passing through the sleepy farming town of Pescadero, check out this hip little place which serves our baked goodies alongside Sightglass Coffee from San Francisco. It’s the perfect place to relax, and Harley Goat Farm is just up the road! We’re so excited to be there!

Companion in the Community
Companion started out as a little operation with community at its heart, and we’d like to keep it there. In the past week, we’ve donated our bread to a few causes we really believe in:
* The Homeless Garden Project had their Annual Fall Supper on the 5th. If you’re unfamiliar, the Homeless Garden aims to provide employment, and gardening experience to the homeless of Santa Cruz. The purpose of this dinner was to showcase the farm and the success of the program. We’re happy to have been there!
Please check out their cause here.
* The Santa Cruz Waldorf School had a Fundraiser this past week, and our bread was there as well. We are honored to support a place of nourishment and diversity for the littlest members of our community.
You can find more information about the Waldorf School here.
*Bread for the Journey also had a fundraising dinner this week, and we were thrilled to help. Bread for the Journey is a grassroots fundraising collective that provides grants for people who are doing good things in their community.
Find out more about this wonderful cause here.


And the Olive Sourdough Loaf is finally back with farm fresh Kalamata Olives! Come in early to get yours before they’re gone!

There is certainly more to come next week, so keep checking in.

We’ll see you in the shop!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up with Companion

  1. I love Companion Bakeshop, it’s owners and staff, and this blog!

  2. Thanks Jen! We love you too 🙂

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