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Looking Back at 2013

As we close our doors until the 14th for our yearly improvements and time off with our loved ones, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made 2013 such a remarkable year of growth for Companion Bakeshop.

Here are some of the highlights from our year:

Blue Bottle Coffee

It was exactly one year ago that we transitioned to brewing Blue Bottle Coffee for every drip coffee, pour over, and espresso drink. To this day, we are extremely proud of our relationship with Blue Bottle, and are thankful to have such a knowledgable, and supportive coffee supplier on our side. We also want to thank our regulars for showing such enthusiasm towards the change. We take it as constant affirmation that we’ve made a great decision when we see our customers beaming over their morning coffee.


Of course, our coffee would be nothing without a skilled and talented lead barista, so thank you Michelle for being such an asset to Companion this year, as always.

Sunday Brunches

This year, we brought back a favorite Companion tradition; Sunday Brunch! Every Sunday during the summer, and then every last Sunday of the month in Fall, Companion stepped up production to bring you a variety of brunch dishes, such as quiche, frittata, bread pudding, toast plates with fruit, and, of course, our famous brick oven brunch pizzas.


We’d like to thank you for making Sunday Brunch a success. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to our neighbors, Odanata Wines, who partnered with us on Sundays and offered brunch mimosas and hosted our customers with extra seating. Brunches will continue in 2014!

Pizza Nights

This past year, our collaborative pizza nights hosting Uncie Ro’s continued to be a great success! We’d like to thank you all for coming out on Tuesday nights and showing your support for good food in good company! We can’t wait to see you at Pizza Night in 2014!

pizza night


2013 was undoubtedly a year of improvements! Anyone who has been in Companion in the last year has seen a fair amount of changes happening. In 2014, we received a beautiful new espresso machine, sleek, efficient coffee grinders, a minimal pour-over bar, TWO new Square registers, and bouquet of new retail displays. That’s not even to mention the makeover our oven received, and the brand new swinging doors to the kitchen.


The outside of Companion even saw its share of improvements. Our seating changed to accommodate more people, and we received beautiful new planter boxes with much thanks to Orchard Keepers. They look great, guys!


As any year, 2013 was a complicated year for relationships. At Companion, we have been lucky enough to hold on to the relationships we cherish, while fostering new, exciting relationships.

This past Spring, we began a new retail partnership with Pantry House, a small batch, artisan mustard and jam kitchen that you probably recognize from the local Farmer’s Markets. We’re excited to offer products made with such care. We’re also excited to eat them.

pantry house

We’re also happy to continue our partnership with another local, small batch retailer, Farmer Freed Salt. If you haven’t already, pick up a jar for you kitchen!

We’ve had many of our old Companions move on to exciting, new opportunities this year. Our pastry chef Katie Hickok, bread baker Daniel Egbert, barista Taylor Strand, and barista/bread baker Mitch De Rubira, have all moved on to new things this year. We will miss them, but we are fortunate enough to be able to maintain friendships with them.

And there are those relationships that we will never forget, that continued to get stronger over the past year. Thank you everyone for coming into ask about Ryan, and to voice your support for him. We’re always thinking of you, Ryan

Farmer’s Markets

We proudly, and happily continued to participate in the Santa Cruz Farmer’s Markets this year. These markets are where we first found our footing, and we still love to be there. We thank you all for showing up to the markets in such volume, and for showing overwhelming support for local food and business. We’ll see you there in 2014!



Our 2013 class offerings were a wonderful, and more personal way for us to interact with those of you who love to learn, and to bake. This past year saw such offerings as Baking for Children, Sourdough Basics, Advanced Sourdough, holiday themes class offerings, and our popular Pie Labs. Thank you for showing interest, and for your eagerness to learn with us!



Because of all of you, Companion received a few accolades this year. Most notably, we won a Gold Award from the Good Times in the category of Best Bread. We are honored to have been chosen for this award by our community.
Companion has been featured in a few publications this past year, including the Santa Cruz Weekly. One article is included below.

Thank You!

The most obvious highlight of the past year is the astounding support you have shown us. This has undoubtedly been the busiest year since we opened our doors. All of you have shown us that you really do appreciate what we are doing at Companion, and we want you to know that you make us what we are. Thank you Santa Cruz!