Companion Bakeshop

February 28th: A Banner Day at Companion Bakeshop!

Not only is this Friday the last day of February, and the unofficial beginning of springtime in Santa Cruz, but it’s a huge day for us here at the Bakeshop. What’s so big? Well, our sandwiches, for one.

Sandwiches Come to Companion!

You asked for them, and now they’re here! Companion Bakeshop sandwiches will be served this Friday at noon, and will continue to be served every week, Tuesday through Friday. These sandwiches, the first ever for us at Companion, will be served on six-inch segments of our large french baguettes, and they will come in two variations: a delicious veggie medley, or a bold, summer sausage sandwich.

Our veggie sandwiches will feature sheep chèvre from Garden Variety Cheese, as well as pickled watermelon radishes, local arugula greens, and Pepper Jam from Pantry House!

Our meat sandwiches contain a generous portion of Summer Sausage from El Salchichero, Beau’s Blend Sheep Cheese from Garden Variety Cheese, local arugula greens, olive oil, and a spicy mustard from El Salchichero!

These sandwiches are sure to sell out fast, so come in for an early lunch!

Blue Bottle Coffee Cupping


Another huge milestone for us is our very first Blue Bottle Coffee Cupping, this friday at noon. What is a coffee cupping, you ask? Think of it like a wine tasting for really great coffee– it’s a fun, and engaging way to learn more about the subtleties of the coffee you drink, and a way to find out about the many different varieties of coffee available to you.

We’re excited, not just because we love coffee, but because our lead Barista, Michelle, will be joined by Kevin, a skilled and knowledgeable representative of Blue Bottle! So, come in at noon and sample a variety of single origin coffees from Blue Bottle Coffee, and talk beans with us!

Please come in this Friday and share this special day with us!