Companion Bakeshop

Too Big for Our Brick Oven Britches

Hello Companions!

If you’ve been to the bakeshop, or the farmers’ markets recently, you’re aware that Companion has been busy! Even just within the past year we have grown in ways that we never would have imagined when Companion first opened. In fact, Companion has been so busy, that we are in need of your help.


You probably know what we recently added three new farmers’ markets to our schedule, bringing us to seven markets every a week. And you know that our small staff has grown to over twenty bakers, barista, and market staff. You also probably know that we offer a variety of classes in our small little commercial kitchen. But did you know that we produce over one-thousand loaves per week from our humble brick oven? Did you know that our tiny commercial kitchen puts out thousands of handmade pastries, and over two-hundred hand made pies a week, all made with local ingredients?

We’re so happy to be loved so much by our community, but we struggle to make enough for every one of you. So, we’re turning back to our community for support. We have several upgrades to our kitchen planned, including new, more efficient equipment, and we are also replacing our old, beloved brick oven with a beautiful multi-deck oven that will increase our bread productivity, and put our hard-working bakers a little more at ease. We strongly believe that these improvements will help us continue to offer quality, organic, and local products to you, and the rest of the community, while allowing us to use more of our time and resources to focus on programs like our Young Bakers classes, and discounted classes for UCSC students, and the various community events that we’re thrilled to offer you. What we’re asking of you, our faithful customers and long-time supporters, is anything you can give.

We’ve started an Indie GoGo campaign to help us shoulder the cost of these projects, which you can view¬†here. Wether you can contribute $10, or $1,000, or you simply pass the campaign link along to your friends, we thank you for your unwavering support over the years. Of course, we’re offering some pretty cool perks for your contributions, so please watch our video and consider giving us some help!

Spread the word, share this link, and put your money where your appetite is!

As always, thank you for supporting small local businesses.