Companion Bakeshop

The Oven Switch is Happening!

We’re really doing  it! The old brick oven is coming out, and a new, bigger, better, multi-deck oven is going in.


We’re starting the removal process on Monday, September 1st, and we’ll be starting construction on the new oven on September 4th. The new oven should be all warmed-up and ready to bake by Tuesday September 9th.

There will be a lot of activity and equipment around Companion, but we will remain open during construction! We also plan to be at all of our regular Farmer’s Markets.

Of course, our brick oven will be out of commission for the week, so our bread production will be limited to the following varieties:

Annie Rye
100% Rye
Local Loaf
Light & Fluffy Batard
Picnic Loaf
Holy Moly
Cinnamon Raisin
French Baguettes
All of our usual pastries will be available. 
You all helped make this happen, so thank you! Bear with us through this transition- it will be worth it!

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