Companion Bakeshop

Weekly Loaf: Spooky Spelt!

This 100% Spelt sourdough boule is so good, it’s spooky! Just in time for Halloween, you can find this loaf at the Downtown Market today (Wednesday), on Saturday at the Cabrillo Market, the Westside Market, and the Scotts Valley Market, at the Live Oak Market on Sunday, or at the Bakeshop on these Market Days.
Hurry, before they disappear!

More Holiday Classes!

In addition to our upcoming Thanksgiving Pies & Tarts classes, we’ve added two classes in December that focus on the December Holidays! These workshops will focus on Holiday themed cookies and other treats, and they come just in time to show off your new skills at your holiday dinner table, or in holiday gift boxes! We even have a class that will get the little baker in your life involved in the holiday festivities!

Sunday 12/14 Kid’s Holiday Cookies

Monday 12/15  Holiday Cookies & Treats

Space is limited, so sign up now!


Weekly Loaf 10/22: Potato and Herb Sourdough

Every week, Companion bakes something seasonal, tasty, and new, just to keep things interesting. These loaves are offered on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, and they can be purchased at the bakeshop, or at any of our Farmers’ Market stands on those days.

This week, we’ve baked a loaf of white sourdough with potato flour, roasted potatoes, and herbs de Provence! Get it while it lasts!