Companion Bakeshop

Holiday Closures

Here’s some updated information on our holiday closures!

The bakeshop will be open tomorrow (Christmas Eve) from 7 am – noon, and limited retail pies will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There is no Wednesday downtown market.

12/25 – Christmas Day – Bakeshop closed

12/26 – Bakeshop closed – we will not be at the Monterey Farmer’s Market at MPC

12/27 – Bakeshop Open. We will not be at the Westside Market.

1/1 – Bakeshop closed

1/2 – Bakeshop open, but no MPC market.

1/6 – 1/9 – Bakeshop Closed, no Farmer’s Markets, no Tuesday Pizza Night with Uncie Ro

Happy Holidays!