Companion Bakeshop

Special Orders

Offer an assortment of Companion Bakeshop goods for your next event, meeting, or your wedding!

Please note that all of the listed prices are for advance special orders only, and do not correspond directly to the prices of these items in the bakeshop.

For more detailed information on our available products, please refer to the Our Products page.

Placing Your Order

All orders should be placed by emailing with the items and quantities that you would like to order, or by calling (831)-252-2253 and placing your order with a Companion!

Orders must be placed and confirmed at least three days/72 hours in advance of the pick-up date. Prepayment is required, and special orders are only complete when they have been confirmed and paid for.  Orders placed with less than the requested notice will be subject to a 20% rush order charge.  Orders are only available for pick-up Tuesday-Sunday, as the Bakeshop is closed Mondays.

Please understand that if you do not put in an advance order, we cannot always guarantee that the quantities/items you seek will be available for retail sale at the Bakeshop. As a small business, we must try to minimize waste while satisfying customer demand in the shop, so we appreciate advance orders rather than same-day purchases at the counter. The prices listed here apply only to orders placed in advance and may change without notice.

We offer delivery within Santa Cruz County on orders over $100 value, charge based on location.

Thank you for considering Companion Bakeshop, we look forward to serving you!

Ordering Options


9” pie served as 6 generous slices. $22 each, 6 or more- $20 each. Pies are available with a variety of top crust designs or with our Sesame-Oat-Almond Streusel topping. Ask about custom designs – we are happy to work with what you have in mind to create beautiful custom pies for your event!

–       Mom Justus’ Walnut Pie
–       Meyer Lemon Buttermilk
–       Classic Apple
–       Chocolate Chess
–       Seasonal Fruit Varieties (just ask us!)
Fruit pies are available in Slab Pie form. Baked in a full-sized sheet pan, these pies are an impressive sight, and an economical price per serving. They slice and serve beautifully, and can generously serve 30-42 people, depending on portion size. $110, plus $15 refundable deposit for sheet pan.


Minimum order is a dozen cookies of one type. $15/assorted dozen of sweet small bites.
–       Dark Chocolate Sea Salt (1.20/ ea.)
–       Rosemary Shortbread (.90/ ea.)
–       Chocolate Mud-Puddle Cookie *gluten free (.90/ ea.)
–       Almond Apricot Biscotti (gluten free. 1.5/ ea.)
–       Classic Chocolate Chip (1.5/ ea.)
–       Almond Cake with Seasonal Fruit *gluten free (1.5/ ea.)
–       Bacon Cheddar Biscuit *petite (1.20/ ea.)
–       TCHO Brownies, with Walnuts *gluten free (2.75/ ea.)


–       Seasonal Fruit Galette
–       Croissants: Plain, Chocolate, Almond, or Copa-Gruyere
–       Buckwheat Blueberry Scone (gluten free)
–       Buttermilk Scone (Seasonal Variety)
–       Petite Croissants (Plain or Chocolate – about ½ size the usual)


$14/loaf, serves 6+ thick slices.
–       Banana Date Walnut
–       Buttermilk Cake (Seasonal Variety)
–       Pumpkin Tea Cake (available October –April)


* gluten free (with exception of bread for toast)

$25/ 9” pie plate – Serves 6 generous slices. Includes one loaf of sliced bread.
–       Roasted potatoes, caramelized onion, greens, feta cheese, seasonal vegetables.


$28/ 9” pie plate – Serves 6 generous slices. Includes one loaf of sliced bread.
– El Salchichero pork breakfast sausage, greens, onions, cheddar.


Loaves make about 12-14 slices. Minimum order is 6 loaves.

Sourdough Boules: 40% whole wheat, 60% unbleached white flours ($4.5/loaf)

–       Simple
–       Three Seed (sesame, sunflower, poppy, plus flax!)
–       Fresh Rosemary
–       Walnut
–       Picnic Loaf (unbleached white flour with a touch of rye)

Larger and Specialty Loaves ($7)
–       Light and Fluffy; unbleached white flour, batrd shape.
–       Challah; classic braided, enriched bread. Does not contain dairy.

Baguettes – Minimum order is a dozen of either large or small.
– Seeded or Plain ($28/ dozen)
– Large/Epi ($48/dozen)