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  • Simple Sourdough -A blend of unbleached organic white flour and organic stone-ground whole wheat flour
  • Three-Seed Sourdough – Simple Sourdough with sunflower, poppy, sesame, and flax seeds inside
  • Walnut Sourdough – Simple Sourdough with rich toasted walnuts
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  • Traditional Rye Sourdough – 100% rye with sprouted rye berries, caraway seeds. Made with our rye sourdough starter.
  • Picnic Loaf – A mostly unbleached white flour, with a touch of rye and wheat
  • Annie’s Rye Sourdough – 50% Rye, 25% wheat, 25% spelt, cranberries, walnuts, and seeds *
  • Holy Moly! – Predominantly composed of organic, stone-ground whole wheat, mixed with molasses and seeds
  • Local Loaf – 100% locally harvested, organic heritage wheat



  • Plain – A French style, sweet baguette.
  • Seeded – Sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds.
  • Epi-seeded – Just like the seeded baguette, but twice the size and perfectly shaped for tearing!
  • Small sour baguette with tlue-tinged emmer, semolina, and unbleached white flour *
  • French Baguette with chocolate chips

*Market day selections are available on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. They can be purchased in the bakery, or at the Santa Cruz Community Farmer’s Markets.

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Cookies and Confectionspastries012

  • Chocolate Chip – made with Guttard semi-sweet, and TCHO dark chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt – dense and rich, made with TCHO chocolate
  • Rosemary Shortbread – buttery, sweet, and savory all at once
  • Seasonal Biscotti* – made with almond meal and rice flour
  • Almond Flour-less Cakes* – made with almond meal and sweetened with honey. Seasonal dried fruit
  • Brownies* – TCHO chocolate, eggs, butter, rice flour and walnuts.
  • Hazelnut Mud Puddle Cookies* – Rich and delicious, yet practically weightless
  • Coconut Pyramid Macaroons* – Chocolate dipped or naked


Sourdough Croissantspastries008

  • Plain Sourdough – perfectly fluffy sourdough inside a crisp, flaky exterior
  • Chocolate – our sourdough croissants filled with Guittard semi-sweet chocolate
  • Almond Frangipane – our sourdough croissant covered in powdered sugar and filled with frangipane
  • Kouign Amman
  • Morning Roll – our sourdough croissant dough with, cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, and caramelized pecans
  • Ham & Gruyere – Copa from El Salchichero, gruyere, and black pepper
  • Sweet and Savory Pinwheels



Tea Cakespastries001

  • Banana, Date, & Walnut
  • Seasonal Buttermilk Tea Cake
  • Veggie-based Tea Cake




  • Buckwheat Blueberry* – Made with buckwheat and rice flour, with cinnamon, and organic blueberries
  • Seasonal Buttermilk





  • Seasonal fruit and savory
  • Veggie and bacon breakfast galettes



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